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Download Win Install Boot Disk Windows Installation Boot Disk

This boot disk will assist you with installing any of the Windows Operating Systems.  Currently the instructions below are for the Installation of Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition.
Click here to download Boot Disk
How to install Windows 98 using our WinInstall Boot Disk

Using the Custom Windows installation boot disk from the site you can easily install any version of the Windows Operating System on a computer. Though the site and name suggests the boot disk is only for Windows installation, the tools and features on this disk can be used for many other purposes.

For example, in this step-by-step tutorial, we will be using the Custom Windows Installation boot disk to install Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE on to a computer system.  This disk can be used to install any version of the Windows Operating System.

Please note that this tutorial will begin at the stage of which the Hard Disk is already Partitioned and is ready for install of an Operating System.

  • A Computer with a 3 1/4 disk dive and CD-ROM, CD-R or DVD drive. (if not obvious)
  • A legal copy of Windows 98 or Windows 98SE with Serial Key for installation.
  Step 1. 
  • Insert Boot Disk into floppy drive.
  • Insert Windows Installation CD into your CD-ROM Drive.
  Step 2. 
Reboot your computer with the boot disk inside your disk drive.
After the boot disk has loaded the driver for your CD-ROM/CD-R/DVD then make sure that there is a drive letter X assigned to the CD-ROM/CD-R/DVD Drive.
You should see a:\> on the left side of your screen, this indicates that you are on the disk drive (Your disk is always assigned drive letters A or B).

You can test this by switching to the assigned drive letter and requesting a listing of the contents on the CD.
To do you must type:
You should see x:\> on the left side of your screen, this indicates that you are on the CD-ROM/CD-R/DVD drive (Using the boot disk your CD-ROM/CD-R/DVD drive will be temporary be assigned the drive letter X).  If you see "The system cannot find the drive specified." after you try switching to the X drive then the drivers for your CD-ROM, CD-R or DVD drive could not be found on the boot disk.

Once you are at the x:\> prompt type DIR to request a listing of the contents on the CD.  If you see a listing of files and directories, then you have successfully installed the CD-ROM/CD-R/DVD drive to begin copying files to the hard disk.

  Step 3.

Now that you have access to your CD-ROM, CD-R or DVD drive we will switch back to your main hard disk (assuming C Drive) by typing:

We will now create/make a directory/folder and change to that directory/folder.

You should now see C:\WIN98 on the left side of your screen, we will now copy the contents of the installation directory from CD to your hard disk.
To begin coping files type:

(sit back and relax as it may take a few minutes)

After the contents of the installation files have been transferred over to your hard disk you should now transfer the system files to the Hard disk to allow booting with a boot disk.

  Step 4. 
To transfer the system files from the boot disk to the hard disk you need to type:
sys c:

After the copying of the files has completed, remove the boot disk and CD from the drives. Reboot your computer.

  Step 5. 
Once the Reboot is done you will see a screen with c:\ >

cd win98
setup /?

This will list all the switches for setup, you can disable different things or enable different things for the installation.
For example, if you never use the Start Disk that Windows 98 creates you can disable it by using:
setup /ie

If you do not want to disable anything and use the default setting for Windows Installation setup, simply type:
setup  (This will load the setup for Windows Installation.)

  There are major advantages to doing an installation this way:
much faster installation
This method of installing Windows uses the files directly located on the Hard Disk, since your Hard Disk is much faster then the fastest CD-ROM, CD-R or DVD, files are copied and executed at a much faster rate then that of on the installation from the Windows Installation CD.

avoid inserting Windows CD for updates or installations
When you update components of Windows or when Windows asks you to insert the Installation CD, you don't need to cause it is copied on the Hard Drive and the Operating System does not need to relocate it.

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