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Welcome to
At this site you have access to some of the most popular essential utilities. This site features all of the Microsoft DOS, Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 and XP boot disks and utilities for your download pleasure.  Such utilities to help you create additional partitions on your hard drive or recover lost passwords. is always trying new ways to create faster and easier downloads.  This is done by creating new networks and mirrors to offer our visitors 100% uptime on all downloadable boot disks.  To accomplish this, we ask for your help with any web space you may have to host mirror downloads.  If you are interested in volunteering web space please visit our Support Forum where you may post a message. 
What is a boot disk?
A boot disk will allow you to boot off of a diskette instead of your hard drive. This diskette can be used to fix issues which may arise during the lifetime of your computer as well as can be used to help load MS-DOS games or games you may not be able to run from Windows or MS-DOS because of high memory requirements.
How do I use a boot disk?
1. Place the diskette into write protect mode (incase a virus is on the computer this will not allow the virus to transfer itself onto the diskette). 
2. Insert the diskette into the computer and reset or turn on the computer to begin the boot process. 
3. As the computer is booting the computer is booting up, answer the questions prompted (if any). 
4. Once at the A:\> take the appropriate actions depending upon of the computer.
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