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FCC ID Number Search 
  Grantee Code
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Equipment Product Code
  FCC ID:  
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FCC ID Number Search  Examples and Definitions
This equipment authorization database contains records for equipment which was either Certified FCC ID Help

  • This equipment authorization database contains records for equipment which was either Certified, Type Accepted, and/or Verified by the FCC.
  • Because of rule changes over the years, not all electronic equipment will have an authorization from the FCC and thus it will NOT be in this database. In general, if your equipment does NOT have an FCC ID number clearly labeled on it, it will NOT be in this equipment authorization database. In fact, the FCC would not have any record of it.
  • The FCC ID is NOT related to the FCC Registration Number under Part 68 Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network. However, you can determine the manufacturer of Part 68 equipment from the first three or four characters of the FCC Registration Number and this Part 68 address table (> 800 kB).
  • Link to DOC labels
  • Typical Labels
Example Information
FCC ID Example FCC ID Equipment displaying this label should be in this database.
FCC DoC Example FCC DoC
Declaration of Conformity
Equipment displaying this label would NOT be in this database. The FCC would NOT have any record of this equipment. It is declared to comply with FCC regulations by the manufacturer or importer.
FCC Registration Example FCC Reg. #
Registration Number
Equipment displaying this label would only be in this database if it also has an FCC ID: label. (e.g older modems) The FCC Registration Number itself would never appear in this database. (See part 68 note above.)


  • The FCC ID consists of two elements, a grantee code and an equipment product code. The FCC ID is assigned for Equipment Authorization under various rules parts including Parts 15, 90, 101...

  • The Grantee Code is the first three characters of the FCC ID and shall consist of Arabic numerals, capital letters, or combination thereof. The Grantee Code is assigned by the Commission permanently to a company for authorization of all radio frequency equipment subject to Certification, Type Acceptance and Notification.

  • The Equipment Product Code (EPC) is assigned by the applicant with a minimum of 1 character and maximum of 14 characters and may consist only of capital letters, Arabic numerals, and the hyphen or dash (-). It is very common practice for applicants to assign the first digit of the EPC as a hyphen (-). In such cases, it is necessary to enter the hyphen (-) as the first character in the second box of the search.


    (Grantee Code only search)

  • FCCID: DZL211029

    (Partial Equipment Product Code search)

  • FCCID: B4Z-34009-PIR



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